Build A Strong Physical Foundation So Your Body Can Perform & Heal More Efficiently

Whether you’re focused on injury rehabilitation or looking to better your overall physical health and wellness– learn to move safely and efficiently so that you can live a more active life doing the things you love.


Let’s Move Past Your Limitations To Get You Moving And Functioning Better

Having a training plan that doesn’t work on building better balance, coordination, spatial awareness, and body control makes you significantly more likely to experience pain or get injured.

Not working on diverse movements means losing the ability to move your body in diverse ways. That’s why a simple twist or stretch can put you out for days (if not longer!).

Learning what movements your body struggles with– or lacks– and using this information to intentionally build a stronger physical foundation allows you to both perform and recover more easily. Let us help you develop a resilient body capable of taking on whatever challenges it may face.

You’re Never Too Old To Learn New Tricks

You’ve likely heard the old proverb; you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. Most people assume this is true and that it relates to them as well. We assume that when we start to feel pain or reach a limit as we get older, it’s a clear sign of defeat. A sign that our body is just too old or broken to learn a new “trick”.

This idea couldn’t be further from the truth. Pain is actually our friend. It’s letting us know that we need to pay attention and change what we’re doing so we can come out of the other side stronger and more resilient.

Movement is not tied to your age but rather your body’s level of functioning. Something we can work on and improve! Let us help you move past pain and develop the diverse movement skills (beyond traditional weight lifting) you need to start doing whatever activities you love for a long time.


This Is How We Do It

Whether you’re struggling to overcome nagging issues or you’re bored with your current training plan, we’ll make a specific plan tailored to your needs. At Launch Wellness, we focus on teaching and developing a range of movement skills rather than solely practicing traditional weight lifting. We’ll help you strive for physical autonomy and, as a result, have functional longevity. Meaning we train your whole body (instead of just your muscles), allowing you to have control over what you do– so you can do the things you love for a long time.

Movement Training

Personal training allows us to help you identify areas of improvement so that we can develop training plans around what your body needs to reach your fitness goals. We’ll work with you on foundational movements so that you can continue to push your limits without pain. 


ICBC Injury Recovery

We’ll help you manage your injuries while you heal and educate you on your specific body’s needs. Our goal is to help you not only move past pain but also get you healthy so that you can prevent recurrence– because no one wants to stop doing what they love.


Chronic Pain or Injury Recovery

Chronic pain is usually a sign that something in the body is not working as it should. It can also be a sign of overuse. We’ll assess what may be happening and introduce movement training to help put an end to your nagging pain. 



...Because Health Is More Than Just A Lack of Illness & Injury

Seeing a kinesiologist should be about more than getting out of pain or switching up your movement routine. It shouldn’t be a series of generic prescriptive routines with no set assessment or reassessment opportunities.

Instead, it should be specific not only to your goals but also to your body. Two people may be facing the same pain– or limitations– in their movement but could have very different underlying causes, meaning they would need very different movement plans.

At Launch Wellness, we see every session as an opportunity for education. Our movement assessment provides a foundation to understand every pain point or limitation. Because– everybody has a unique body.

Start Where You Are. Get Where You Want To Go.

Beginning your movement care with Launch Wellness Co. is simple! Our getting-started process keeps you in the driver’s seat and puts what’s best for you first, from start to finish.


Free Health Consultation

During your 15-minute consultation, we’ll discuss your health history and any current concerns, including what you’ve tried up until now and what your goals are. You’ll learn about us and how we would approach helping you reach your goals and your health. Then, if you decide to continue, we’ll complete a full movement assessment.

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Complete Movement Assessment

This assessment is a continuation of the consultation. We use this as an opportunity to complete a full assessment of your strength, mobility, motor control, and other movement indicators so we can understand your baseline function and identify our focus areas. We’ll then discuss our findings and determine your training frequency and time frame for reassessment.


Ongoing Care As Needed

The amount and frequency of sessions we recommend will be specific to you. These will depend on your goals, needs, and availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each case is different. Depending on your starting point, health goals, and commitment, you’ll notice the results of our work together at various points. We’ll design a training plan that’s right and unique to your needs, including scheduled reassessments to objectively track and measure progress along the way.

Your initial 15-minute consultation is free of charge. This gives us both the opportunity to see if progressing with a full assessment makes sense. If you decide to proceed, you can expect to pay the fees outlined below:

Initial Movement assessment (55 minutes)
One-time charge: $160*
*Note, for ICBC clients, a 45-minute assessment will be covered

Individual Kinesiologist drop-in session (55 minutes)
1x / week – $110/session

We offer discounted session rates for pre-paid monthly memberships. If you’re interested in learning more about this option, ask us about it during your free consultation!

ICBC Insured Individuals:

If you’re an ICBC client coming here as part of a claim, both your initial movement assessment and your first twelve 45-minute sessions will be covered. You can request to extend your 45-minute (covered) ICBC session with a trainer for an additional fee (not covered by ICBC).

Add-on 15 minutes for a 60 min session – $20 additional fee (paid by the client)

Do you have coverage through ICBC? Learn more about the services we offer!

Some insurance providers cover Kinesiology, but most do not. We recommend checking to see if your employer offers a Health Spending Account (HSA) as part of your benefits package. If so, you may be able to use this to pay for your visit.

As an ICBC-insured client, you’ll be eligible for 12 sessions within the first 12 weeks after the accident. We’ll use these sessions to help you put more constructive stress on your body. This starts with developing a strong foundation to support your body in its healing and ability to take on whatever challenges it may face.

Click here to learn more about the ICBC services we offer!

No, your health and kinesiology care will always be your choice. Our goal during these movement sessions is always to help you understand how movement in your body works and to build your confidence and physical autonomy so that you do not need to rely on our 1-1 training/movement education.

That being said, the longer our relationship exists, the more we can directly support you toward optimal health. We understand the financial commitment of seeing a trainer may not be financially feasible for everyone. That is why we are working on some exciting programming to help you stay engaged and dedicated to your goals even if you are no longer directly working with us.

The short answer is, you don’t, and neither do we until we know more about you. Our comprehensive approach to bettering physical health and improving movement proficiency promotes not only the resolution of current injuries or concerns but the development of a resilient body more capable of both performance and recovery.

We use assessment and data to look at your unique body and its needs. We work to identify any limitations you may be experiencing and sources of painful patterns/movements. We then use this information to develop a plan and actionable steps we can work with you to take. That way, we not only help you reach your goals– or get out of pain– but also help you avoid recurring injury by allowing your body to become more resilient.

Movement Care That Puts Function, Healing, And You First

Our goal is to help you define your end goal and work towards it—no matter where you’re starting from. So even if, right now, you’re feeling frustrated, stuck, tight on time, confused, overwhelmed, alone, or unsure of what you need, we can help you find a path forward.

Whether you want to optimize your health, move beyond nagging injuries, or crack the code of how to feel good for good, we’re here to get you feeling and moving better—and help you reclaim your role as the main agent of change in your life.


Your Health Consult Is A Conversation, Not A Commitment

When you’re on your path to healing, it matters to us that you have the right people in your corner. We offer free, 15-minute getting-to-know-you consultations so you can find out if we can help you. And if not, we’ll help you find another North Vancouver kinesiologist who can!