Brad Johns, Owner & Chiropractor

Meet Dr. Brad Johns: Chiropractor, personal trainer, father, husband, climber, and owner of Launch Wellness Co. in North Vancouver, British Columbia.


Manage Your Pain By Reframing Your Pain

“When You Change The Way You Look At Things, The Things You Look At Change.”
– Wayne Dyer

I believe that health and healing is all about perception. Change your perception, change your reality. I take a salutogenic approach to health, which means I focus more on the things that promote and maintain well being than the things that hold you back.

Instead of looking at what’s broken or hurt or wrong, I’ll help you see how your body functions well, what it’s trying to tell you, and what it needs from you. Then, together, we’ll address those needs with lifestyle-focused chiropractic care. So you can live life as your most resilient self.

Certifications & Accreditations

Dr. Brad is a certified chiropractor, registered and practicing in British Columbia. He holds the following degrees, diplomas, and certifications:

Brad carrying his snowboard, on a mountain top

Lifestyle Chiropractic Care for
Lifelong Wellbeing

I work with people seeking new solutions for stubborn problems, helping them define their goals and develop strategies for managing conditions and improving their daily quality of life.

Whether your goal is to optimize your overall health, move beyond nagging injuries, or leave behind feelings of fatigue, I’ll provide the support and strategies you need to understand your body. So you can start feeling better and reclaim your role as the main agent of change in your life.

​When I’m not working with clients, I can be spotted clinging to the wall at my climbing gym, out on the slopes, or spending time with my wife Monika and our “energetic” kids, Addie and Nixon.


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