Bobby Manhas

Bobby is a registered kinesiologist with a focus on active rehabilitation, injury prevention, and strength and conditioning.

Born and raised in Coquitlam, Bobby comes from an athletic background, having lifted weights and played competitive soccer most of his life. As a result of sustaining serious orthopedic injuries during his youth and early adulthood, Bobby began studying the relationship between human movement and functional longevity.

Completing a degree in kinesiology, Bobby graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2021. His primary areas of study were neuromechanics, advanced applications of exercise physiology, functional human anatomy, and chronic societal health issues. Additionally, Bobby undertook graduate-level studies in clinical human anatomy within the faculty of medicine.

Bobby’s training philosophy involves identifying functional limitations and addressing them through various exercise prescriptions such as joint mobility training. The resultant effect is the fortification of the body’s resilience against injuries and elevated performance throughout all facets of life.

When he’s away from the clinic, Bobby is on the road travelling, rewatching Denis Villeneuve movies, or playing pick-up sports with his friends.