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What is your posture saying about how you’re managing stress?

We all know and have heard the importance of having “good posture”. Even just hearing/reading those words you probably adjusted how you were sitting or pulled your shoulders back.

So why do we find ourselves in “poor posture”? To start, our posture is the balance of muscle tension relationships in your body. Muscle tension throughout the body is controlled by your brain & nerve system.

If we think of posture as a reflex then it can change the way we address or attempt to improve it. Your brain will always create muscle tension patterns based on where it feels safe and efficient.

In the short term, “Defense Posture” is a sign that our brain is sensing the need to protect and conserve energy. Head and shoulders shift forward, chin tucks down. Our rib cage closes down and our hips roll into anterior pelvic position.

What an amazing protective mechanism we all possess! However, defence is a great place to go when we’re faced with something stressful…. but we’re not designed to live there.

Prolonged periods of time spent in defense posture can be a significant contributor to nagging neck or low back pain, headaches and other chronic health problems.

At Launch WC we focus on addressing your nerve system function. It’s role dictates how your WHOLE body responds to stress, not just your muscles and bones. When it’s not functioning well then you may have less bandwidth to manage stress.

How do you like to improve posture?