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Nerve Supply is Life Supply

Chiropractors help restore and optimize the communication between your brain and body. This communication occurs through your spinal cord and nerve system.

Since the majority of your nerves go through your spine before they get to your brain or your body, it makes sense that this could be a place (Spine) that can affect how your nerve system is functioning.

Your Brain – constantly receives information about your external and internal environment and makes decisions on how best to respond.

Your Spinal Cord – A relay structure inside your spine that helps pass along nerve signals between the brain and all the parts of the body.

Your Body – Is filled with different sensors that we can feel (Taste, Touch, Sight, Hear, Smell), but also lots that we have no awareness over (Healing Responses, Air Quality, Metabolism, Digestion, Oxygen Consumption, Proprioception)

When stress builds up in the body, muscle tension can change the way the spine works. This can affect the way the nerve signals travel to and from the brain.

At Launch Wellness Collective, our Chiropractors focus on understanding how your body’s response to physical, chemical and emotional stress is contributing to your nerve system health and thus your ability to function at your best.

Hear Us Out, Could Your Body’s Response To Stress Be What’s Causing Your Pain?

Pain isn’t the problem, it’s just a symptom. Or a warning signal telling us that something in the body isn’t working as it should. When we lose the ability to respond appropriately to the stress in our lives (physically, mentally, etc.) our body can get out of balance, causing all sorts of issues including pain.

How do you know if you’re out of balance? Well, you can start by taking our free stress adaptability test. Your body will adapt and respond to stress, but sometimes it needs some help to learn how to do it most effectively. This tool can help you identify if your body needs some extra support.