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Health & Longevity: A nerve based approach to Healthcare

Ask yourself this question… How healthy am I? What was the first thing that came to mind? 
Did you reach your verdict on health by how well you eat? Maybe how often you workout? Did you think about how you really need to start meditating… then you’d be healthier! Did you think about your poor sleeping habits, toxic relationships or addiction to digital devices? It’s tough!… How do we get a true sense of how healthy we are when we don’t have an integrated way of looking at health? 

At Launch WC we define Health a little differently. Health is the ability to heal well in response to stress. We define stress as any physical, chemical or emotional trigger that prompts your nerve system to activate it’s stress response. The body’s ability to heal is just one of many things your nerve system controls to keep you functioning and feeling well. To us, your health is based on how you’re HEALING, not just how you’re feeling. 
How well are you healing from your chosen lifestyle?

Our vision for Launch WC was a wellness company that does more than just help people get out of pain, or achieve a specific goal. It’s a place to provide support and leadership for people / communities to continually define and refine their wellbeing and state of human potential.

There are many different ways to help people improve things that contribute to their overall level of health. We think the best way is to empower and educate clients to know when and how to help themselves first.